Environmental Policy


Here at ARRAN Sense of Scotland we care about the environment and are actively working towards reducing our carbon and plastic footprint.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland is proudly made in Scotland and has been inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Scotland and Arran for over 30 years. As a result, we’re committed to protecting our natural environment and are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint. Working with TAP (Think About Plastic), ARRAN Sense of Scotland is proud to support the 'Plastic Free Community' status of the Isle of Arran.

Our procurement strategy and product offerings are focused around minimising single use plastics while maximising the amount of recyclable materials in our new product launches e.g. our ongoing amenities refill program. Our principal bottle supplier is committed to sourcing materials that can be readily recycled and have advanced their programme, now supplying 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) material in all ARRAN Sense of Scotland bottles.

We are also in the process of moving all our hotel partners to a refillable model across their properties, away from the use of minis. This is reducing our virgin plastic consumption across our business by up to 81%.

We also have, and continue to, actively reduce the amount of plastics included in our secondary & gift packaging. Our cardboard gift cartons and boxes are sourced from suppliers whom work with FSC board, committed to well managed forest sustainability & recycling programs. All our corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable and comprises c. 80% of recycled paper. We have also invested in the use of fully recyclable tin packaging in all of our Home products.

Our efforts in reducing our plastic footprint has recently been recognised by TAP with our Gold Award 2020.

Our online orders are also carefully wrapped and packed in paper shred and cardboard with minimal excess. We’ve created mindful tissue paper which can be coloured in by children or adults alike.

Let’s work together to reduce our carbon footprint, it’s in our nature…

ARRAN Sense of Scotland products are produced in packaging that is capable of being recycled and we actively encourage all our customers to reuse and recycle as much of our packaging as possible. You can see the relevant symbols to look out for below to identify recyclable packing materials accurately:


Mobius Loop - This material is capable of being recycled.

We would recommend that our customers contact their local authority for further information on local recycling facilities or collection services available. The following website may be of further use in obtaining contact details in this regard:- http://www.recycleforscotland.com/

Our customers role in contributing to reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging and packaging waste is crucial as they, as the end user, can influence whether the material is recycled/reused or sent for disposal. We’re here to help with our recycling do & don’ts.



Do check for local recycling requirements

Do separate your recycling

Do ensure your recycling items are clean of any waste

Do recycle plastic bags separately

Don’t bag your recycling

Don’t recycle toxic containers

Don’t put trash in the recycling.


Our Committment to Sustainability

Beyond our products and packaging, here at ARRAN Sense of Scotland we’re working on reducing our carbon footprint across our business. We are committed to using 100% renewable energy at our manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centre, to further our efforts in reducing the carbon footprint across the ARRAN Sense of Scotland business. Our office spaces and retail outlets are also moving to become paperless working environments, with all used paper currently fully recycled. 

We Care about being Cruelty Free

Please note, none of our products have ever been tested on animals, nor have we ever commissioned our suppliers or any other company to carry out animal testing on our behalf. Read our full Cruelty Free policy here.


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