• Our Purpose: To help the world connect with nature

    Our Purpose: To help the world connect with nature

    Our Purpose

    Taking time out, slowing down and connecting with nature is known to improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing. When you connect with nature you can find the balance and beauty in every day, benefiting both you and the impact you can have on the world around you.

    Our Island Home


    On the Isle of Arran we are proud of our unspoiled way of life. Living in touch with the simple elements that inspire and connect us, where the cold sea, the vibrant land, and our fresh spring water from the rugged hills bring comfort. Here you’ll find the moments that capture the true sense of Scotland. Discover nature inspired wellbeing and transport your mind to our unspoiled island home. You may remember us as Arran Aromatics but as part of an exciting re-brand we are now proud to be known as ARRAN Sense of Scotland.

    Inspired By Nature

    Inspired By Nature


    A sprig of gorse, a breath of sea air and a pinch of seasoned wood. These elements combine to conjure vibrant, evocative scents that are uniquely Scottish, uniquely Arran. Untouched, natural elements surround our land and water from our very own freshwater spring finds its way into each and every one of our products.




    Our love of fragrance inspired our lifelong pursuit of exquisite scents with the power to seduce and captivate the imagination. That’s why crafting the aroma is at the heart of each and every thing that we create. From soap to candles, to body moisturisers and fine fragrance, they all start with the subtle art of perfumery.