Anti Bacterial Hand Rub Spray
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Anti Bacterial Hand Rub Spray Fragrance Free

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Apply code '3for20' at checkout to redeem 3 for £20 offer.

Keep hands protected with our our NEW anti-bacterial Hand Spray. Working with the WHO recommended hand rub formulation, kills 99.9% of bacteria. Clean and protect with our new anti bacterial, fragrance free spray.

Pair with our hydrating hand creams, to protect your hands natural moisture barrier as you keep them sanitised.

About the fragrance

Fragrance free.

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Directions for use

Spray the hand rub, covering all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands until dry. No need to use water. Use throughout the day as required.


Key Points

  • WHO Recommended Hand Rub Formulation
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, including MRSA
  • Certified to BS EN 1276 standards
  • 80% Alcohol
  • Fragrance-free
  • Alcohol produced using distillery grain spirit
  • Vegetable-derived glycerine for added moisturisation