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Festive Presents She’ll Adore This Christmas

By Kira Kemlo

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The lights. The music. The tastes and smells. The time spent with loved ones, and the lovely feeling you get when giving and receiving gifts. Christmas holds a special kind of magic that evolves as the years go by, but if you’re lucky, remains just as special no matter how old you are. 

There can be a little bit of stress during the festive period though. The pressure to find great gifts that your loved ones will love. The anxiety that comes with shopping for a woman who seems like she has everything she needs. Fear not. We’re here to help you with some ideas for unique and memorable Christmas gifts for the special women in your life. 

The magic of Christmas gift sets

Whether you’re buying for your partner, mum, daughter, sister, aunt, grandma, cousin or another family member, friend or colleague, have you thought about Christmas gift sets for her? Designed to capture the festive spirit, a great gift set isn’t just a collection of items thrown together. It’s a carefully curated experience that permeates through each product in the set. 

Gifts that offer an experience alongside tangible products are where the magic lies. That can come in the form of the journey the items take you on. It can be the emotion evoked by the thought you put into a present. And it can be in the feeling you get when seeing, feeling and unwrapping a gift. 

Bath & Body Gift Set by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Types of Christmas gift sets for her

Gift sets for women come in an array of forms. There’s something to suit every taste and personality. The key is for you to match what you get to the person and occasion you’re buying for. 

For a lady who loves perfume, why not get her a set of fragrances so she can discover some new scents and wear something different during the festive period. If she adores home fragrances, then go for a set with scented candles and reed diffusers. If her favourite part of the day is a long soak in the tub, choose a set with bath products like salts, soaks and oils. 

After some ideas? Try these. 

Mixed Eau de Toilette Discovery Gift Set

Let her sample three of our bestselling fragrances; Kildonan, Imachar and After the Rain. 

Bergamot & Geranium Home Fragrance Gift Set

Fill her home with fresh aromas of bergamot, lime and geranium with this set containing a reed diffuser and two scented candles.

After the Rain Discovery Gift Set

She can discover our signature scent that combines lime, rose and sandalwood with a travel size bath and shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and soap. 

Kildonan Hand Care Gift Set

Our new Kildonan fragrance lends itself perfectly to a luxury hand wash and hand cream with sweet and delicate aromas of violet warmed with the glow of orris. 

Glenashdale Grapefruit Body Care Gift Set

She’ll look forward to an invigorating start to the day with the energising zest of rasped lemons, grapefruit, bergamot and green leaves she gets from this bath and shower gel and body lotion. 

Personalised gifting

The charm of personalised gifting takes on a special significance during the holidays. It’s the perfect way to show a woman you love what she means to you. And we can help you put together a unique gift that will truly bowl her over. 

From bath salts and oils to muscle soaks, shower gels and shampoos and conditioners, we have an array of products perfect for women who enjoy their self-care routine. You can add a selection of body lotions, body polishes and hydrating hand creams to your basket, along with room sprays and scented candles, and then we’ll gift wrap it for you. 

We use premium packaging like our signature tissue paper, and we’ll pop your items into a beautiful gift bag or box, along with a personalised note. The best bit? Our gift wrapping service is completely free on all online orders over £60. 

Personalised Gift Builder by ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Spa and relaxation retreats

Does the woman you’re buying for love going to a spa? If so, why not recreate the calming ambience for her at home. All you need is a few carefully chosen products and you can transform a home spa experience into a luxurious escape when she can completely relax and unwind. 

Our spa-quality products are all inspired by the natural beauty of the Isle of Arran, allowing her to reconnect with nature as she takes some time to de-stress and recentre. 

Bath salts: Add a generous sprinkle of bath salts to a hot, running bath in preparation for a soothing soak. 

Muscle soak: She’ll enjoy a deeper nourishment of body and mind with a renewing muscle soak. 

Bath and body oil: A highly moisturising oil is a key element you need to transform a bath into a genuine spa-like experience. 

Body polish: Get her a body polish so she can exfoliate her skin for a reinvigorating cleanse. 

Scented candle: Go for something with soft and warm aromas to create a relaxing mood while she enjoys her soak, or try citrusy scents for a burst of freshness. 

The aroma of Christmas with fragrances

There are lots of scents that are synonymous with Christmas. The spices in a cup of mulled wine. The gingerbread men baking in the oven. The unmistakable smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree. The right fragrances can get you into the festive spirit in an instant, making them perfect for gifts. 

Our expertise in crafting exquisite fragrances adds a special touch to Christmas gift sets. Taking inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of our island home, keep an eye out for our limited edition Christmas fragrances

Available in hand washes, reed diffusers and scented candles, Rowanberry Embers offers sweet scents of winter berries softened by the warmth of an open fire. Forest Frost meanwhile will remind you of candy canes and Christmas trees with its mint, pine and cedar aromas. 

Making Christmas memorable with ARRAN's Christmas gift sets

Christmas is all about making memories with the people you love. And a memorable gift is a lovely way to show someone just how much you care. You can demonstrate to a special lady in your life exactly what she means to you by considering luxury Christmas gift sets for her. 

Whether you’re choosing one of our beautifully packaged gift sets or creating your own unique set that’s deeply personal to her, we can help you make this Christmas memorable for the woman you love. 

Luxury Gift Sets for Her | ARRAN Sense of Scotland

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