Reconnect With Nature: Behind the Scenes

Breathe, slow down and transport yourself to Arran...

Our latest campaign helps you experience the untouched, natural beauty of Arran from the comfort of home. Watch our brand new TV advert below.

Our Purpose

Reconnect With Nature

We are ARRAN - Sense of Scotland and our purpose is to help the world connect with nature. Taking time out, slowing down and connecting with nature is known to improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing. When you connect with nature you can find the balance and beauty in every day, benefiting both you and the impact you can have on the world around you.

On the Isle of Arran we are proud of our unspoiled way of life. Living in touch with the simple elements that inspire and connect us, where the cold sea, the vibrant land, and our fresh spring water from the rugged hills bring comfort. Here you’ll find the moments that capture the true sense of Scotland.

Image of a glen in Scotland

The Isle of Arran

Our Heart, Our Home, Our Inspiration 

For many of us, the Isle of Arran is a place to switch off, slow down and take in the truly awe-inspiring beauty of the island. 

Now more than ever, we are craving travel and a sense of escape. That's why we instinctively wanted to “transport” you to the Isle of Arran, drawing on guided meditation techniques to remind us how spending time in nature can improve both our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Image of hand wash and hand cream on the Isle of Arran

Behind the Scenes

Filming the First Ever TV Advert on Arran 

Watched the TV advert? Now discover how we made it. Working with a smaller-than-usual production crew in line with social distancing guidelines, the team travelled to Arran to capture our fragrance collections in their corresponding locations. From the luscious landscapes of Glen Rosa to the calm serenity of Glen Iorsa, the group of photographers and videographers were able to reconnect with nature and experience the natural beauty of island first-hand.

Images of coastal beaches on the Isle of Arran

Behind-the-scenes capturing our Machrie collection

Reconnect With Nature

Discover nature inspired wellbeing and transport your mind to our unspoiled island home. Experience our vibrant and evocative fragrance collections here

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After the Rain 300ml Bath & Shower Gel Lime, Rose & Sandalwood


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After The Rain 300ml Hand Cream

After The Rain 300ml Hand Cream Lime, Rose & Sandalwood


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After the Rain 300ml Hand Wash

After the Rain 300ml Hand Wash Lime, Rose & Sandalwood


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