Christmas Scented Candles

Welcome to a Coorie Christmas with ARRAN, shop our Limited Edition, Christmas Scented Candles. A beautiful gift for someone special or a treat for yourself to prepare your home for Christmas.


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Christmas Scented Candles

Come inside from the cold, warm your hands by the fire and curl up with a cosy blanket. Add the finishing touch with a Christmas scented candle, flickering gently by your side and surround yourself with enchanting festive fragrance. Welcome to a Coorie Christmas with ARRAN.

This winter, we have three seasonal scented candles. A beautiful gift for someone special or a treat for yourself to get your home ready for Christmas. Coorie up this Christmas with our Coorie Christmas Scented Candle. A comforting fragrance with fresh citrus notes, together with a heart of cedar and leather. Balanced with warm undertones of amber and smoked woods.

Escape the cold this winter next to the crackling fire and light our Hot Toddy Christmas Scented Candle. This seasonal candle is a modern take on the traditional winter warmer. With spicy notes of nutmeg and patchouli, layered on top of the aromatic warmth and richness of vanilla and frankincense.

Our Mandarin & Petitgrain Christmas Scented Candle is a comforting, evocative fragrance with fresh topnotes of orange and mandarin, intertwined with subtle undertones of cinnamon on a base of thyme.