Wild Gorse

Inspired by the flora of the Scottish countryside, this warm and sweet scent captures the coconut-infused air of blossoming Wild Gorse in the summer.

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Wild Gorse

A true sense of Scotland. Inspired by the sun-kissed flowers that grace the expansive greenery of our island home, discover the soft and sweet notes of our gorse candle, room spray and reed diffuser.

Fresh and green, with swirls of creamy wood and honeyed-florals. This bright and mood-enhancing aroma is soft and warm, gently evoking the mellow sweetness of coconut.

For a welcoming burst of fragrance, fill the air with a spritz of our wild gorse room spray. Uplift your senses with our delicate floral fragrance, expertly blended to leave each and every corner of your home refreshed and revitalised.

Create an inviting atmosphere with our stylish and sophisticated wild gorse reed diffuser. A welcome addition to your home decor, our vibrant blend of grapefruit and green leaf becomes fully absorbed by our aroma reeds to exude a continuous stream of scent for up to six months.

After the end of a long day, unwind with the soothing notes of our wild gorse candle. Light this bestselling candle in your lounge and, as its ambient glow helps calm the mood, soothing aromas of honeyed-florals evoke uplifting memories and create the most inviting ambience. Cluttered minds will clear, positivity will resume and you can be sure an enjoyable evening lies ahead.