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Behind The Blend | Amberwood

By Kira Kemlo

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Darker nights and colder days leave us craving a comforting, warming atmosphere. Turn your home into an autumnal haven with Amberwood, available in Reed Diffuser, Candle and Room Spray to give your home a boost this season.

Glass Candle, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser placed on chair with green blanket draped over

Fragrance Notes

An elegant and resinous blend of spiced woods with a delicate amber undertone. The heaviness of the wood scent is perfectly balanced with the slightly sweet scent of amber to create this warming, homey fragrance.

Image of trees in woods

Amberwood Candle

Looking to create the cosiest home this season? Nothing can beat the atmosphere a lit candle with a gorgeous scent creates. All you need to do to achieve this is turn the lights down, light our Amberwood Candle, curl up with a blanket and relax.

Amberwood Diffuser

We love Reed Diffusers, they provide a constant scent throughout the day and they make for great room décor. Wondering how best to care for your diffuser? Read our How to Care for your ARRAN Reed Diffuser blog post.

Amberwood Room Spray

During this season you might experience more visitors to your home than usual so it’s always a great idea to have a Room Spray at the ready. Simply spritz the air and welcome guests with the scent of Amberwood.

Reed Diffuser and Candle with smoke above it, placed on a stool


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