An elegant and resinous blend of spiced woods with a delicate amber under tone.

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Warming and vibrant, discover the crisp, clean and calming notes of our amber wood fragrance. Elegant and exquisitely woody, hints of frankincense effortlessly combine with the wooded spice of amber.

Inspired by the aroma of Arran’s precious woods, discover our home fragrance collection of scented candles, reed diffusers and room sprays. Each beautifully presented in sleek, stylish and sophisticated ARRAN tins which are all fully recyclable.

To create a truly inviting atmosphere, our amber wood reed diffuser provides a simple yet stylish way to fill your home with long-lasting fragrance. Or, add an air of luxury to any space with a generous spritz of our amber wood room spray, for an instant burst of uplifting fragrance.

As the evening draws in, take a moment to yourself and reflect on the moments that made you smile. While doing so, light our amber wood scented candle and take a deep breath as the relaxing benefits of amber help to soothe your senses and restore inner calm.