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We are ARRAN Sense of Scotland and our purpose is to help the world connect with nature.

Price changes will be coming into effect from the 3rd of July 2023.
Over the past two years, the cost of manufacturing our beautiful island-made products has increased significantly. During this period, we made the decision to keep our prices stable, despite rising costs, so we did not pass them onto you, our valued customers. Unfortunately, due to continuing rising energy, labour, material and logistics costs, it is with great reluctance we must now look to adjust our prices.
It is hugely important to us that we continue to manufacture our high quality bath, body and home products you love, on our island home of Arran, as we have done for almost 35 years.
As a brand, we would like to explain where the increased cost to our products have arisen from, as we value the continued support from all of our customers and want to remain transparent regarding our pricing. We continue to make significant steps forward in pursuit of our ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives and with these positive steps, also comes a cost. Some of our most recent highlights in this vital area include:

  • We have eliminated single use, virgin plastics from our product ranges and our bottles are now made with 100% recycled Ocean Prevented Plastic (What is Prevented Ocean Plastic? - Prevented Ocean Plastic).

  • We have been awarded Gold Partner status by TAP in recognition of these efforts and our commitment to maintaining the Plastic Free status on the Isle of Arran (

  • Our manufacturing sites are on course to use 100% renewable energy and our online distribution centre is 100% carbon neutral.

  • We have now eliminated the use of all plastic packaging in our online distribution centre.

  • We were recently awarded a Silver EcoVadis medal award for our ambitious ESG initiatives. This ranked us in the top 11% of over 90,000 companies assessed, an achievement we are hugely proud of.

  • We refuse to compromise on the quality of our product ingredients and unfortunately this has been accompanied with an increased cost within our supply chain. This has also allowed us to increase the percentages of ingredients of natural origin within our product catalogue, moving us towards more natural formulations (ARRAN Naturals | Sustainable, Vegan & Cruelty Free Body Care | ARRAN – ARRAN Sense of Scotland).

  • We are also proud to be a Living Wage employer, as we continue to invest in our employees, maintaining jobs and production on our island home.

  • Finally, as a brand, we are proud to support our local and global communities. We were recently able to work with Inter Care Africa to supply hygiene products to hospitals in Sierra Leone, Africa.


We will continue to invest in the sustainability and quality of all ARRAN products and ESG initiatives as a business, to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of products with reduced impact to our surrounding environment. You can find out more about the ARRAN Sustainability Promise here.

We appreciate that all of our customers have been impacted by the current cost of living situation and we do not take this decision lightly. Our island home of Arran and our customers are truly the heart of our brand. On average, the planned price increases will be less than £1 across selected products.
We are a small island business and our customer's support means everything to us, we hope you understand and we thank you again for your valued loyalty and custom. If you have any further queries on these upcoming changes please do not hesitate to contact us by email
 The ARRAN Sense of Scotland Team


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